Farm Seekers ~



Second Spring Farm

“We are really appreciative of WNC FarmLink. The land access coordinator was very helpful in encouraging us to lease land while in the beginning stages of our farming career. She connected us with the Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy incubator farm, where we are currently leasing the land for our market garden. Because of our initial positive experience, we anticipate using FarmLink again in the future to purchase land.”

~Matt Coffay and Casara Logan of Second Spring Market Garden



Adron Dell'Osa

“Your farm linking services were very helpful during our farmland search. After looking at one or two land listings through WNC FarmLink, we had a much better understanding of what the land prospects would be like in Western North Carolina. The land listings also did a good job outlining specific property attributes and aided us in what to look for in a farmland listing. The land access coordinator was very helpful in gathering land information and bridging the gap between us and landowners.”

~Adron Dell’Osa



Roselyn Spaan & Mike Terrien


“We moved from Mobile, AL to WNC to start a woodland herb farm and to live out our homesteading dreams. This would have been near impossible without the invaluable guidance from WNC FarmLink and especially our land access coordinator. Our land access coordinator was a wealth of resources, connections, and farm business advice that made our introduction to a completely new area so much easier. My best advice for the whole process is to use all of the services provided by WNC FarmLink and keep in touch with your land access coordinator. They are an unbiased and usually experienced party that is only interested in helping you! ”

~Roselyn Spaan and Mike Terrien






Landowners ~


“As far as our experience working with WNC FarmLink, I am so grateful for all that this program does.  We really liked the farmer we were set up with last year.  The land access coordinator was 100% supportive every step of the way.  She came out to our farm herself several times with potential renters.  As a land owner, I am very grateful for the help, and feel that WNC FarmLink is a wonderful service to the community.”

~Diana Stone